Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions we hear from temps on a regular basis. If you don’t find the answer below or elsewhere on our site, then please contact us.

You can begin the application process online. Visit our Online Application page to start. But ultimately you will need to visit one of our offices to complete the full application.

We take applications in our office between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm Monday-Friday.

We need the following documents.
  • You need to have a valid state ID or drivers license, if it has expired then please renew it before applying. We do accept the temporary paper ID they give you when you renew in person. Passports are also acceptable.
  • You are also required to have your social security card. We need the actual card itself, we cannot accept copies, letters, photos etc.
  • If you have a printed copy of your resume you can bring that with you, but it is not required.


As stated above we do need a valid state ID or drivers license, and your social security card.
Your birth certificate doesn’t contain the same information as the above documents.
If you have already applied, then all you need to do is have that office send your application to our other offices.
Once that’s done you can check in as available with each office every day as usual.
If you applied or updated during the current year then your application is still valid.
You need to come in and update at least once per year, and anytime you move or get a new phone number.
Unlike some other temp services, we do not need you to waste your time sitting around at our office all day.
Instead, you call our office once each day anytime after 8:00 am to add your name to our available list for the day.
As and when positions become available, we will go through this list to find an available worker.
Please, only call in if you are available and ready to go to work.
It’s OK to be busy or have plans, but don’t waste your time or ours, by adding your name to the list, if you are not available to work.

Starting pay depends on the position/company we send you to, minimum wage and upward.

The pay period goes from Sunday through Saturday.
Anything you work during one pay period you will receive at the end of the following week.
Depending on the position, you may pick up your check from the Job Center or it may get delivered to you at your job.
We currently offer paper check and direct deposit options.
If you worked through Job Center, you will receive a W-2 the following year, in time for you to file your taxes.
W-2’s get mailed out and usually arrive by the first or second week of February. If you have not received yours by this time, then please contact the office you worked through.
If needed, update your address by December of the year you worked, otherwise your W-2 will get sent to your old one.
Forwarding your address with the post office is another option, if you did not update in time.
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We will update these frequently asked questions as and when needed.